Show Talk: Girls (Season 1)

I have no idea why Victoria Beckham would want to cameo in this shit.


“Girls” is a TV series about Hannah and her 3 friends and their painful (ly embarrassing) lives. In stead of the usual tale about polished girls a-la Sex and the City we get the complete opposite. Real girls with real problems. Sounds awesome, right? Wait that’s only the first 3 episodes after that it just gets painful for the sake of painfulness and then outright disgusting.

I don’t know why people praise Lena Dunham for making a show about ordinary girls when neither my ordinary self nor my ordinary friends despite our not so high self-confidence allow guys to treat us as horrible as Hannah allows boys to treat her. And I mean, I know there are many many girls with inferiority complex but letting your boyfriend treat you like shit is not the answer to that problem. Still, the show is not looking for an answer it’s just painting the painful lives of girls with little to no self-respect who embarrass themselves just to get the attention of some guy or another. Girlswho date and have sex with anyone who bothers to pay attention to them. For a whole season. That’s what’s painful to watch. In fact such a lack of self-respect and the readiness with which Hannah accepts the horrible way in which guys treat her scares me. Have we, the West, turned into some third-world country where women consciously demean themselves for any random dude? And that kind of show is enjoying praise? Society, I think we have a problem.

To be fair to the show, in the beginning “Girls” is actually nice. It feels like an endless girl talk but not about shoes and guys but about unemployment, STDs and abortion. Definitely a breath of fresh air. Even the sex scenes are the complete opposite of the usual romanticised depiction of the act. But that’s only the first 3 episodes. Then I just get angry to see someone being this humiliated all the time and instead of trying to change that just accepting it and muting the voice of common sense in her saying “hey it’s not ok”. And when in the show someone starts talking about love it sounds soo grotesque and disgusting in this context that I wanna just puke.

The main character, Hannah, has a veery deeeply engraved inferiority complex and whenever someone treats her unfairly or outright shitty she’s like “ok, it’s because they feel bad, they are having a bad day that’s why they treat me like that , its not personal, I shouldn’t bother too much”. WTF?

Marnie, Hannah’s best friend and my favourite character in thes how IF I could have a favourite character in this kind of show,  is composed, in control, down-to-earth and as she descrbies herself – “uptight”. She looks classy whatever she does. She spent the first half of the season trying to get rid of her annoyingly kind boyfriend and then the other half she spent tying to get him back. Even though she didn’t love him. Don’t look at me like that, I don’t understand it either.

Then girl number 3 is virgin and infantile. That’s just about all I have to say about her after season 1.

The foursome is completed by a French girl who walks around like she has just had sex and put on some cloth(es) on to just go out for some coffee before she gets back to the sex part. She’s the only one who has not so far been humiliated. So far. She’s the one making a mess wherever she goes and putting people in uncomfortable situations. But in season 1 she has a relationship with the father of the kids she’s babysitting – sooo cliched. And by the end of the season she marries some random dude whom she met two weeks ago. Really now?

Here are two simple examples of the most humiliating scenes in the season:

-Hannah insists that her boyfriend uses condoms when they have sex. He doesn’t want to and lies to her that he had put a condom when in fact he hadn’t.

– Hannah takes a shower in her boyfriend’s home and he sneaks behind her and … pees on her. She doesn’t like it (how come?) but next thing you know she’s complimenting him on his writing (he’s a writer or something) and his talent. Really now? That’s one of those moments when the show is not about painful/embarrassing real-life situations but about disgust/pain/awkwardness for its own sake.

– Hannah’s boss is sexually molesting her and her female colleagues. Normally you’d find that wrong but Hannah just goes to him and offers to have sex with him. Am I missing something… oh, yes, he is an old fat dude. There you go, I told you it’s disgusting.

-Hannah comes home just to find her dad naked on the bathroom floor after a sex mishap with her mother. She proceeds to help her naked father out of the bathroom and to the bedroom.

– Hannah’s boyfriends wants to move in with her but she’s not ready for this. He is not happy with that and says she is bad for “luring” him into liking her and then pulling out of intimacy. And she feels bad about it. Really now? REALLY?

I am out.


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