Movie Talk: 20 ans d’ecart (It Boy)

It’s not bad but for something so popular on Pirate Bay you’d expect something more.


Our heroin is a 38-year-old women’s magazine editor but her boss is considering replacing her because she has lost her provocativeness. She has become too boring, responsible, mature. Accidentally a rumour is started that she is dating a younger guy and her boss is very appreciative of it. So she decides to go along with the lie and see if meeting with an 18-year-old architecture student would make her feel youthful again. But she falls for him and when he finds out he leaves her. And she loses her job because replacing her was just a matter of time anyway. In the end she and the boy go back together and she publishes her first book.




I liked how chill she was about being fired because she’s old. In stead of bothering with people who do not appreciate her she turned to doing other things she liked. I like how non-dramatically this problem was treated.

A few things worthy of a mention:

– she met the It boy on a plane – which reminds me of Amoure et Turbulences. Hah seriously whats with the French and the turbulances and plane romances.

– so the It boy’s father has a new girlfriend and she is It boy’s elementary love? So French.

– I loved how the father pretended that all the alcohol in the house was his to help his son save face in front of the girl he likes.


It boy gets intense. Love it.


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