Movie Talk: Amour et Turblences (Love is in the Air)

“Amour et Turblences” is light and funny romantic comedy about a man and a woman who separated a few years ago and now meet for the first time since on a 6-hour flight from New York to Paris. You see, some misunderstandings need to be cleared 🙂


Julie (conceptual artist who says she doesn’t think she’s Andy Warhol) and Antoine (a lawyer) were happily in love until one day Antoine receives a call on behalf of Julie and finds out that she has been awarded a scholarship to study in Tokyo. For fear that distance would separate them he lies to the caller saying that Julie’s mother has ovarian cancer and can’t leave for Japan right now, so she’s giving up the scholarship. Not soon afterwards Julie finds out and leaves him. After thinking things over she decides to go back to him only to find another woman in his house. This is how they separated a few years ago. Now they meet again to clear some misunderstandings (like for example the fact that the woman in his house was forcing herself on him).


All in all it’s just the same old cliched story but the pleasure lies in the execution. The movie is a string of funny and beautiful scenes. I’ll try to be concise in listing the scenes I loved:


– the french shower scene – our guy is spraying perfume all over his body even on his ass and when the girl he has just woken up next to gives him the WTF look his reply is “french shower” 😀

– then he sits on the sofa only to find out that there’s another girl sleeping there. And instead of being all love-y and romantic on the morning after she’s like “what the fuck man”. She literally says that.

– when our characters meet and realise how – just how – uncomfortable this flight will be the captain says the flight will be “slightly longer than expected”. Of course.

– when he says he is dating an American actress and she’s like “as in porn actress?” 😀 Good one.

– I really liked the love confession during the turbulence. It was so not dramatic and so funny. A little turbulence and they confessed everything they had to confess. No masks. No games. And then the turbulence was over and everything was so awkward. But since it was awkward for both of them they decided to let this one slide 😀

– and the heroin is so talantless, she makes these disgusting works of art… love her.

– the music they danced to was nice. If there was a contemporary remixed version of it it would be awesome, no?

– the editing of the sex scene was very original with the kama sutra pictures passing by the screen to let us know what’s happening and how it is happening.[2014.01.26_21.23.18][2014.01.26_21.23.53][2014.01.26_21.24.20]


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