Movie Talk: Diana

Princess Diana’s biopic “Diana” is so tasteless it’s painful to watch.


If you did not know Diana’s sole purpose in life did not amount to more than living happily with her lover. Any contemporary Western woman wants a little more from life but not Princess Diana. Praised by the media for her “style” she was only stylish in her fashion because her behavior in her non-pulic appearances would better be descried by the word “tasteless.” And I don’t mean tasteless for a princess, I mean tasteless for any woman.

Seeing Diana being reduced to a woman who has lost her head, forgotten her position and that thing called “propriety” over a seemingly ordinary guy is hard to swallow. “But what did you imagine Diana to be like in the first place”? Well, a little more concerned about other things than this doctor like her sons and her humanitarian missions. A woman with a little more integrity. More controversial. Taking things a little more seriously. A little more burdened by her position. I understand that Diana’s “Diana-ness” stems from the fact that she behaved more like a normal woman than like a princess (both in the positive and in the negative lights) but this is too much. Instead of showing her running after and going crazy over some dude maybe they could have shown her in typical British high society situation so that we can see for ourselves how different she was and in what way.

My “favourite scenes” aka the scenes which made me feel more second-hand embarrassment than I can take were:

– when she was flirting with the doctor in the beginning of the movie – one would think that for a princess with a reputation to uphold and paparazzi breathing down her neck she would be more careful with her choice of friends. But no, right from minute one she is ready to jump on Mr Dr.’s neck.

– that scene which suggested she had sex with her lover on the back of their car – really now? Is that what Diana was all about? Actually the whole movie depicts their relationship as them waking up together (I suppose that’s a more delicate and subtle way of saying they had sex). It seems their relationship was all about sex. “Lovely”…

– the scene where she tries to contact him after the media runs the story about their relationships. She can’t contact him so she goes to his home and tries to get in. She can’t and she starts screaming in front of the house – i am wondering if I am still watching a Diana biopic or a “13 going on 30” sequel.

– when she goes all the way to Pakistan to try to impress his mother –  She is a princess and he is a no-one. Her going to such extremes to get the approval of him or his family is incomprehensible if you don’t explain why she was so in love with him. What was it that she saw in him? There are two possible answers to that dilemma: a) he has something about him that the makers of this film never managed to discover or bothered to artificially create for the sake of the story. Or b) there was nothing special about him but she still fell that much for him because she was quite ordinary herself. Movie, try to explain that in some way.

– and that scene where he is yelling at her for trying to get him a job – man, I wanna slap him. Now, I understand he is Muslim and very proudful but he has so much the upper hand in their relationship that he makes Diana look like a push-over school girl in love with the high school’s basketball team captain. Are you sure this is how it really was? Cuz if not, you are making a serious mistake by making everyone’s favourite look so badly.

I am confused how much did this doctor really mean to Diana and how much did Dodi? As Guardian puts it “And Dodi? Dodi was no one. He is presented here as a mere rebound fling – a ruse Diana co-created with long-lens photographers, which was intended to make Hasnat jealous. Well, maybe. But this seems a highly simplistic view of events. It seems possible, to say the least, that her feelings were much more complicated than this, and that Hasnat meant less and Dodi more than this sucrose and emotionally-authorised version will allow.”

The movie is a pointless hotch-potch of her lover affair (which in itself is depicted as nothing more than waking up together) mixed with random scenes of humanitarian missions. Diana is only shown through the prism of her affair with the doctor as if there was nothing more to her. Such a great opportunity. And Naomi Watts was so well casted. But in the end it is an opportunity wasted.

P.S – I love the walls in her room

Diana [2013] HDRip XviD-SaM[ETRG].avi_snapshot_01.35.02_[2014.01.17_23.33.56]


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