Show Talk: The Newsroom (Season 2)

Glad to say, it’s still going strong.


The beginning of season 2 finds our characters about a year from the end of season 1 when they all discuss with the ACN’s legal team various issues that happened during that time. Episodes 1-8 tell the story of how they got there and the last two episodes show what happens afterwards.

So what happened in this one year.

Maggie’s cousin send Dan a link to that YouTube video and they break up. Maggie, having her friends’ and boyfriends’ backs turned on her, decides to go to Africa to chase a story and to upgrade her journalistic skills. However in an armed conflict a child takes a bullet for her and dies. She comes back depressed enough to have a psychologist prescribe her medication. And she cuts her own hair short. And spends the evening alone in bars drinking just for the sake of not being home alone 😦

Jim, who also decided he needs some time off after the “Maggie mishap”, is now on the road covering some presidential campaign where he meets his next girlfriend – a journalist with a mind of her own, feminist. She thinks she is smarter than Jim. I think their intelligence levels are on par 😀 The campaign itself is very interesting – journalist are not allowed to ask uncomfortable (or any for that matter) questions and end up reporting the candidate’s press team’s messages. Everyone seems to be ok with it – “well, that’s how it is” – except for Jim. Good point, Show!


Sloan suffers a mishap with one of her boyfriends. Who would have thought that an analyst you meet at a Forbes party would be as big of an ass as to upload your naked pictures online. She handles the matter amicably and I admire her strength, though there was no chance the writers would have turned the strong and confident Sloan that we know into a broken and bruised victim. She and Dan get “dangerously close” by the end of the season.

Will tries to date Nina for a while but it doesn’t work out so yeah. In the last episode he proposes to Mac.

All in all season 2 offers a lot more details of the characters’ personal lives than season 1 which makes it more understandable to people unfamiliar with American politics. But the professional side of their lives remains the more interesting part.


With Jim off to cover this presidential campaign a reported from ACN’s Washington office comes to fill in. He chases a story of Operation Genoa, an operation for “extracting” (aka saving) two US military guys from the hands of the enemy using (the banned) serine gas in civilians which is a war crime. The whole News Night team is involved in the investigation and confirms the story from several independent sources. Basically, our team accuses the US government of committing a war crime and breaching a number of international promises and conventions…. just to find out that their source 1 lied to the team to exact a revenge on Charlie, source 2 was mislead by the interviewer (Mac) and source 3’s taped interview was “doctored” (aka re-edited) by the Washington producer who came to fill in for Jim. They lose the public trust and have to resign.

I really loved this storyline but what follows after it is a push and pull of

Charlie, Will, Mac: We want to resign

Liona: No, you can’t resign

The rest of the New Night team: We will resign too if Will and Mac resign.

Eventually no one resigns. Cheers, season 3 will not be about Mac and Will being unemployed.

I am glad Mac and Will’s relationship moved in some direction. Even if it wasn’t marriage I would have appreciated some movement – they are the leads. Jim and Maggie continue to walk and talk in circles (I’m looking at you, scriptwriters). We get to see more of Sloan this season and I like the direction in which her character is evolving. I love how smart she is. Dan is more likeable too – it seems that dating Maggie was bringing out the childlike part in him. He looks more manly now even when he is with Sloan. Change is more than welcomed.

And speaking of welcomed changes how about more international politics in season 3?



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