Movie Talk: American Hustle

This movie was so hard to watch until the end, it took me a week to finish it. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was bad but I sure do not understand why it is nominated for Oscar.


The movie tells the story of a con man (and his lover Amy Adams’ heroine) who gets busted by the FBI and ends up helping them to put corrupted politicians in prison. Or, to be more precise, to corrupt politicians for which until then there was no suspicion they were corrupted. Why? Cuz the FBI agent has his head in the clouds and dreams of scoring big on the job. Eventually the con team cons the agent and start living an honest, crime-free life.

I can’t pin point something bad about this movie, there is nothing particularly wrong with it but when you draw the bottomline American Hustle is just a problemless visualisation of a humanity/present day-irrelevant story of a few not very interesting or in any way outstanding characters trying to do each other. How this kind of movie could compete with the universal message of Gravity and Ryan’s (Sandra Bullock’s heroin) ordeals is beyond me.

Notable exception from the mediocreness of the film is Amy Adams’ acting. She and her heroin are the only thing worth seeing in American Hustle. Unlike the movie she deserves the Oscar nomination.

And the other thing worth seeing is the scene where Jennifer Lawrence cleans the house while listening to some rock music.



One thought on “Movie Talk: American Hustle

  1. With this cast, you can’t help but have a good time, because clearly, that’s what they’re doing. So you just roll with it and enjoy the show while it lasts. Good review.

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